Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26

Cartoonist Charles Schulz was born in Minneapolis on November 26, 1922. An only child who grew up in Saint Paul, he was nicknamed "Sparky" after a horse in an early comic strip named Barney Google (which had a circuitous impact on Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin). His first regular cartoon strip appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (1947-1950). An outgrowth of those panels, Peanuts, was first published by the United Feature Syndicate on October 2, 1950, and eventually became one of the most popular and influential strips in the medium’s history. At its peak, Peanuts ran in more than 2,600 newspapers, with a readership of 355 million in 75 countries. The cartoon and its endless merchandising earned Schulz more than $1 billion over the course of its 50-year run. Pictured: Charlie Brown, who never kicked the football, and Lucy.

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