Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20 - Jay Ward

Television producer J Troplong "Jay" Ward was born on September 20, 1920, in Berkeley, California. Following business school, he became involved in producing animated TV programs initially with cartoonist Alex Anderson, a childhood friend who created the characters of Crusader Rabbit, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Bullwinkle the Moose and Dudley Do-Right the Canadian Mountie. In 1949 he founded Jay Ward Productions, which later produced the animated TV series “Rocky & His Friends” and “The Bullwinkle Show,” which together became “The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show,” airing from November 1959 to June 1964 on the ABC TV network, later on NBC. The show’s undercurrent of savvy, intelligent wit made the show popular with viewers of all ages. Ward also produced the characters of Mr. Peabody and his sidekick Sherman, Boris Badenov, Natasha Fatale, George of the Jungle and Super Chicken. His company designed the characters for three cereals, Cap'n Crunch, Quisp and Quake. Ward came close to death in accidents twice in his life.

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