Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30 - Peter Carl Fabergé

Jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé was born on May 30, 1846, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where his father, Gustav, had founded the House of Fabergé in 1842. He began working in his father’s shop at age 26. In 1882, he took over the business and, with his younger brother, participated in the Pan-Russian Exhibition, where his work was noticed and praised by Tsar Alexander III. Fabergé became goldsmith to the Imperial Crown, creating fine jewelry, silver tableware and many other items. The Tsar began commissioning an Easter egg each year as a gift for his wife, and from 1887, Fabergé had freedom of design as long as each egg contained a surprise. The next Tsar, Nicholas II, ordered two eggs each year, one for his mother and one for his wife, Alexandra. The tradition continued until the October Revolution (1917). Pictured: Imperial Coronation Egg, 1897, for Tsar Nicholas II, which held a precise replica of the coach carrying Tsarina Alexandra to her coronation; in gold, platinum, diamonds and enamel.

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